Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life Event Update :-)

Monday, 5pm:
(eating ice cream)
 "Let's get married"
(big smiles at each other)

Tuesday, 7:30am:
(big smiles again...for life)


Sangeeta said...

Really??? I mean, really?? That's you with the sindoor? I am at a loss for words. But oh! Congrats! I am sooo glad that I came to visit your blog today, out of habit. Stay blessed, both of you! And he is cute :)

Poornima said...

Wow, congratulations!!! Wish you big smiles indeed :-)

Tattooed Mind said...

Quirky, Not alone.. forever happy.... God bless you!
Miss your posts

Dialect Of Heart said...

@all Thank you for all the love and wishes :-)