Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unnamed List

1. glee
2.the good unrest
3. glorious curiosity
4. hugs
5. humility, grounded feet and some good sense
6. opportunities to surprise self
7. people to love and cherish
8. engaging books
9. rich inner world
10. kindness
11. portable oasis of calm in chaos
12. toned down cynicism
13. wanderlust
14.dumb and stupid and unrestrained and unavoidable and misfit and wonderful and lingering love
15. clockwork working of kidneys, heart, liver, brain, lungs, intestines, bones, muscle and imagination
16. smile, giggle, chuckles, chortle, cachinnate, howl, roar, belly-laugh
17. gratitude when/where due
18. trees of all sorts; windswept, bare, evergreen, ugly and twisted
19. secret and delightful remnants of mischief and anarchy
20. perspective, clear perspective
21. fucking happy; or vice versa
22. grit and gumption
23. unsullied trust
24. crisp white sheet, soft bed, open window, zephyr, outrageous dreams, infinite possibilities
25. unpeeled vulnerability
26. audacity
27. life in each moment

1 comment:

deeps said...

all these make life livable in each moment