Saturday, November 17, 2012


Change? Hmm...

Wiser? Hah!

Happier? Calmer.

Richer? Dwindling zeroes and scary decimal points on the bank passbook.

Lover? Born again!

Cake? Chocolate.

Blessed? Very.

Music? A Sleepy Day With You-Guitar& Flute.

Dreams? In rapid expansion phase.

Fears? Ennui.

Life? Goes on.

Goal? Plural, always plural.

Procrastination? Rotting my innards.

Books? Arundhatish narrative, Pamuk-esque length, Vargas-y oomph, Parker-istic observations, Jerome-y humour, Verne-esque imagination...and size matters.

Writing? Gathering discipline.

Prayer? Tolerance. In me. In the world.

Wish? Unrestrained laughter.

Spring Clean? Acquaintances.

Religion? Sparse, meaningful.

Buys? Red lip colour.

Now? Clueless.

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