Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stuck Inside

Stuck Inside
60 days till exam.
61 days till freedom.
124 days till the verdict.

Surges of pleasure in this dark abyss:

1. The Complete Haiku of Basho.
2. Studying in bed.
3. Dairy Milk Silk.
4. Willie Nelson.
5. Sunrises. Early morning rain.
6. A Rubberband journal and a purple pen.
7.Catnaps. Coffee.Catnaps. Coffee. Catnaps.
8. Blue shards of sky through the leafy canopy outside my window.
9. Cuddles. Laughter. Family.
10. Legitimate excuse for a loner to avoid small talk. Exams.
11. Quiet by Susan Cain.
12. Birthday anticipation.


Anonymous said...

best of luck for the preparation,i kw hw it feels,i went thru it last yr..tkcre gal..

Dr.Mayurakshi said...

thank you, Anonymous stranger :)

Amrita said...

The legitimate excuse to avoid small talks is the best thing that's happening now... Nobody calls me unsocial these days :P.... Loved the little surges of happiness. Keep writing because reading what you write becomes my happy moment.