Thursday, February 16, 2012

Haiku & Sumi Ink

 Slice of moon
The dew-laden leaves shimmer
Are they black opals?
 Sweaty fingers link
Clumsy feet tread on hers
First dance of love
 Cocoon of wisdom
Myriad tales of love and loss
Grandmother's bun

Sleepless nights
I wait by my window
Silvered shadows walk

 Scent of jasmine
Raven black tresses fan out
The pillow tangles them
 Fleeting thoughts
An old kiss comes to mind
I forget the year
 Smoky wooden oven
Cheese melts into thin crust
A slice of heaven
 A veil of icicles
Bejeweled the naked tree
Winter delight
 She will write
In vermillion stained pages
A story of love
 I wait for the sun,
My room will glow orange,
Like the brewing tea.
 The words come slowly
Waiting at the end of each page
The ink is not yet dry
 Her bare shoulder
Finesse of an ivory arc
Like tonight's moon
Evening breeze
The frail leaves rustle
Like a cobra's hood
 Woods in winter
Squirrels peep from burrows
A couple reads
 Pack a little bag
Soar across cottony skies
Gypsy at heart
 A lone maple leaf,
Orange in a sea of grey,
You caught my eye.
Swirling caramel hues
Wispy steam warms the face
My morning coffee
 An old love letter
Papery petal to rich plum
The kisses revive
 In the old room
An oblong patch of sunbeam
I sat there often
Winter morning
A bare tree watches over me
I read Dickens