Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As the starry sky slowly shelters us,
I want the moonbeams to shine on you;
Reminding you of a love in utopia.

Thoughts fleet across the evening sky,
Like fireflies, aglow with love;
I wonder whether you think of me too.

An echo of you saying my name,
A shared laugh, a walk with you;
Nostalgia thrives, and I'm near you again.

Giving up on hope is never easy,
I surrender to its futility;
Even love seems near in this evening air.

I watch the evening drift into night;
Ending this indefinite wait, come,
Just hold my hand; words can come later.


Liza Saha said...

Lovely. Well written and the feelings flow so nicely via words :)

Dr. Mayurakshi Das said...

Thanks for the appreciation, Liza :)

R. Ramesh said...

hey gud blog this..cheers:)

Dr. Mayurakshi Das said...

Thanks Ramesh. Glad you liked my blog :)

madhusmita said...

Luv ur blogs...:)

deeps said...

yes... hope.. supposed to be the last thing to die if we have to be alive here...

nice poem :)

Rov said...

Reminded me of this-

kahin door jab din dhal jaye
saanjh ki dulhan badan churaaye chupake se aaye
mere Kayaalon ke aangan mein
koi sapanon ke deep jalaaye deep jalaaye... :)

Nice one. This is like the female counterpart singing on the other side of the earth! The lyrics of the song is legendary and this piece of verse follows the trail. :)

Dr.Mayurakshi said...

@madhusmita Thanks for your appreciation.

@deeps hope lingers on as long as we are alive. a permanent fixture...difficult to let go even in the bleakest of times.

@gaurav da the above lines are the product of twenty minutes of restlessness that I tried to pass off as a poem. Surprised that people actually like it and honoured that you compared it to such immortal lyrics. Thank you.