Monday, July 26, 2010

The Change

Rrrrrrrrrring. The alarm goes off. Eyes half-shut, I fumble to hit the 'snooze' button. But I'm denied those blissful five minutes of extra sleep. My mother noisily draws the curtains open; the sunlight nearly blinding me. Then starts the usual early morning lecture, primed to perfection by twenty years of uninterrupted practice, about the horrors sloth will inflict upon my future. I grudgingly accept defeat and get out of bed. And the day starts just as grudgingly. Why should I wake up early?  What for? What awaits me today? Unlimited rest, boredom, uncertainties about future, battling my own personal demons each day.

Two long years pass by...each moment of inactivity weighs heavy on my mind.
Rrrrrrrrrrrring. The alarm goes off. Eyes wide open, I fumble to yank the curtains open and greet the morning light. I stretch my arms, and get out of bed. A quick shower follows. Read the news, gulp down my breakfast, pack my bag. My mother watches me half-smiling. I love this morning rush, the spring in my step, the revival of a long lost enthusiasm. What awaits me today?

A day at work. Finally. The long craved change has finally begun. :) :)

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stuti goswami said...

glad ur back :-)

CutePriya said...

so someone's back are you gurl...good to see u blogging again...keep writing more...

And yes, Happy Working...All the very best for this new BEGINNING...^_^

Sameera said...

All the best!!

Ann said...

Even I feel the same every morning. What awaits me? Why can't I sleep more. Then I remember the piles of work I need to complete in the office and it drives me out of bed :)

Congrats for the change ... Enjoy

clueless comrades said...

How long did the feeling last?
Couldnt find any follow up posts on this.

P.S. Interesting blog

Dr. Mayurakshi Das said...

@clueless comrades Ya, the feeling lasted with occasional hiccups:)